Traditional House Coal supplied by Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchants is a classic fuel for use on open fires, and certain coal burning appliances. Keeping houses and businesses warm through even the coldest winters.

This classic fuel, in use in the United Kingdom for decades, is easy to light, and burns with a long and strong flame. With a low ash content, it’s relatively easy to clean afterwards. We can supply traditional house coal nuts and trebles in 50kg open sacks, and we even supply bunkers to contain either 150kg or 250kg worth of coal.

Trebles, because of their greater size and volume burn for longer in comparison to nuts. They can require slightly more effort when it comes to lighting them for this same reason. Nuts are a good all round size, performing across the board with a good burning duration and ease of lighting.

Traditional House Coal is not suitable for burning in smoke control areas. If you require a smokeless fuel, take a look at smokeless fuels, including our popular Supertherm Smokeless Fuel.

We offer delivery direct to your home and business, with free delivery options depending on amount and location. Get in touch for more information on delivery options.