Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchants supply smokeless fuel for homes and businesses.

Smokeless means fuel which does not produce visible smoke when burned, including types of solid fuels such as anthracite, and ovoid smokeless fuels. We supply a range of different smokeless fuel products, including Supertherm.

Smokeless fuels comply with The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968, which were introduced to deal with the smog caused by the widespread burning of ordinary house coal. Smoke Control Areas were introduced to reduce smoke pollution in towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Smokeless fuels have been approved as authorised for use in these areas since 1993.

Smokeless fuels also outperform traditional solid fuels, and can save you money. They typically last as much as 40% longer than coal, whilst producing 20% less CO2.  The increased burning performance of smokeless fuels means that you spend less time re-fuelling your fire, and less money re-stocking your supply.

At the main Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchants depot, we can supply a variety of different smokeless fuel products depending on your requirements.

Contact Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchant for the supply and best prices for smokeless fuels for your home and business, and start saving on keeping warm!