Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchants supply kiln dried logs, firewood, and kindling for homes and businesses.

We produce and supply our own dried logs available for wholesale and domestic customers. The benefits of dried wood as a fuel source include:

  • A greater heat output
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Economical
  • Reduced residue and deposits in flues and chimneys
  • Can prolong the life of your burner, boiler, and heating systems.

Our logs, firewood and kindling are quality products that have been ethically sourced. We can confidently state that we can supply our customers with firewood for the coming years and all year round. By ensuring a constant sustainable supply of firewood our customers can confidently convert to and invest in biomass fuel boilers and burners for home and businesses.

Softwood and hardwood logs supplied in builders bags are kiln dried. Logs and kindling sticks supplied in nets, are softwood, and are not kiln dried.

Contact Paul Rogers & Sons Coal Merchant for delivery options and the best prices on logs, firewood and kindling for your home and business, and start saving on keeping warm!